Meet The Crew

Bladder Run is a long term project. As all those involved give of their time and efforts freely we are lucky to work with some of the most talented individuals in the West Midlands, although some of the team work on only certain scenes due to availabililty. Its important to remember that no matter how long the team members worked on the film their input was invaluable and so here is a list of those people who have made the movie possible.


The Team


Anneliese Cherrington - Assistant Director. Joining the film part way through the production, Annelise brings a no nonesense approach to the proceedings. She is an accomplished camera operator and has worked with the team on several of the large shoots involving multiple cast and crew as well as small vignettes shot at her own home.  (2012 - 13)


Jason Cragg- Sapsford - Director of Galaxy Media, Nuneaton based Jason has worked on the majority of the movie from Summer 2010 onwards and has supplied two NX5 cameras (2010 onwards)


Duncan Woodhouse - Director of Sound Recdording. Duncan has his own successful production company - the Dark Alliance and has been associated with BladderRun since it began its HD shooting schedule in early 2010. With a wide knowledge of editing and directing Duncan's own film Dystopia was recently shot starring three of the actors from Bladder Run - Tom, Vicki and Colin. (2010 onwards)


Russell Smith - One of the first camera operators on Bladder Run, Russell supplied two Sony Z5's for important scenes such as Taffy Lewis' bar, the Junior fight scene and the now deleted apartment scenes. Russell is also a talented photographer and has a website called Attitude Me. (2009 - 2010)


Djonny Chen - Well known film maker Djonny lent his support to the original shoot at Fort Dunlop and shot using his trademark DSLR camera. Djonny has made everything from music clips to movies in the UK and his home, Indonesia.

Follow his work here (2009)


Gurmukh Bains - a talented Coventry based film maker who joined the team in 2010 (2010 onwards)


Matthew Geddis - a movie director from Rugby, Matt is currently filming "The Apple" starring his father - the well known actor Peter Geddis (Captain Antilles in Star Wars Episode IV) and Mark Hevingham (2009 onwards)


Gareth Askew - a young film maker from Coventry whose films include "The Bailiff" and "Sore" (2011)


Anne Roberts - a student from Walsall now living in Bournmouth, whose directorial debut "Top Dog" starred Tom Bradshaw and Mark Hevingham (2010)


Angie Rumble - another Walsall college student now studying in Ceredigion, Angie is also a very talented photographer. (2010)


Charlie Falagan - Now living in Spain, Charlie arranged for us to shoot our first HD scenes using a high end camera. (2009)


Mark Hevingham - has shot footage on every shoot as well as directing the movie (all)