Bladder Run is respectfully dedicated to the memory of Kevin Bulmer - a light that burned twice as brightly....

Kevin Bulmer

Kevin Bulmer sadly lost his valiant fight with prostate cancer in November 2011. Kevin was a charming and talented man who first contacted Mark Hevingham when he posted about Bladder Run on the PropSummit forum in 2009. It transpired that Kevin and Mark were virtual neighbours living only 9 miles apart.


Although his "day job" involved the CGI and computer game indsutries, Kevin was a massive fan of Blade Runner and created screen accurate props based on many of the items seen in the original movie; these ranged from ID cards, photographs and even magazine covers glimpsed in the background of scenes.


Creating these props and offering them to other fans was obviously a labour of love for Kevin, and when he contacted Mark it was with humuility and generosity, asking if it might be OK for Kevin to create several magazines covers, photos and ID cards featuring the stars of our film and text specific to the movie. Thjis offer was greatfully accepted and the results are proudly on screen. Kevin also kindly donated "Reggie" the snake, who appeared with Joanne Marriott in the Nora Botty scenes.


Although we had hoped to have Kevin appear in a cameo role in the movie it was not to be (although his likeness does appear in a scene - eagle eyed viewers take note) and it became clear that he would not be able to participate as much as we would have liked.


Against all these adversities, Kevin remained a positive, courteous and generous man and it was with very deep sorrow that we learned of his passing.


Our thoughts are with his partner, Kate and family and it is with deepest respect that Mark Hevingham has chosen to dedicate Bladder Run to Kevin's memory.


A true friend and greatly missed.

How Kevin appears in the film - as a wanted file in Dickard's papers