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  • Kim (Sunday, March 10 13 02:23 pm GMT)

    i was a runner yesterday for the film. loved it. thanks for letting me be a part of it.

  • Tom Bradshaw (Monday, December 31 12 02:00 am GMT)

    25k hits in a year? Not bad. So close to finishing this film. We thought we'd finish last year, maybe 2013. It's going good, looking good. Now I wanna grow my hair and grow a beard. Lets get it done.

  • Andy Sanderson (Friday, September 28 12 08:32 am BST)

    Looking forward to the shoot on 27 November, see you there.

  • Marilyn May James (Thursday, September 20 12 12:32 pm BST)

    It looks very interesting,I'm glad to be joining some of my buddies who are also involved in this.

  • Sandy Slade (Friday, September 14 12 10:52 am BST)

    Delighted to be involved! Looks awesome! :-D

  • TerryRobinson (Thursday, September 13 12 04:20 am BST)

    I would love to be an extra in your film but I'm living in Canada. Anyway good luck to you all!

  • Tom Bradshaw (Sunday, June 24 12 01:40 pm BST)

    Love the screen grabs.

  • Tom Bradshaw (Saturday, April 21 12 12:35 am BST)

    Thank you Rita, very kind. Hopefully, we'll complete Bladder Run this year and work on new stuff and live up to that.

  • Rita Stephenson CtS (Tuesday, April 10 12 10:53 am BST)

    Mark and Tom You just go from strength to strength congrats you derseve it all.

  • Rita Stephenson (Tuesday, March 06 12 10:31 am GMT)

    Thanks Mark Professional as always. Rita

  • Mike T (Sunday, March 04 12 11:51 pm GMT)

    Its spoilt TV for me, being around Bladder run and the way Mark does it; I'm sure those sneaky TV and films people must be watching, as they use the same ideas.
    The production is so fluid, people know what to do, how to do it and have fun doing it. Well done Mark and all involved.

  • cameron moon (Wednesday, January 25 12 11:42 pm GMT)

    Good evening my friends.This site is brilliant. I am SO impressed. I'm just thrilled to be a part of movie making history.You are all such a lovely group of people! Massive well done to ALL involved.
    My Auntie will love this!:)

  • Tony Bevan (Sunday, January 22 12 04:32 pm GMT)

    can't wait to see it :) You look good Tom. Give me more.

  • Mark Hevingham (Sunday, January 22 12 02:31 pm GMT)

    A big thank you to you all so far - approaching 600 hits in 5 days - fantastic. Well worth the effort!

  • JFK Subastud (Darone) (Saturday, January 21 12 11:40 pm GMT)

    love it love it love eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettt

  • Liz Metcalf (Saturday, January 21 12 02:27 pm GMT)

    Really looking forward to seeing the film. Sure it will be great. Hope I get annother chance to be an extra :)

  • Terry Jones (Friday, January 20 12 04:12 pm GMT)

    The new colour scheme is a lot better Mark. :)

  • Katrina Bird (Thursday, January 19 12 04:12 pm GMT)

    hi mark great web site you have done yourself proud good luck with the film cant wait to see it all the best katrina bird

  • gordon bulmer (Thursday, January 19 12 02:04 pm GMT)

    I like what i have seen, and look forward to future updates.

  • Terry Jones (Wednesday, January 18 12 12:20 am GMT)

    Nice work Mark, looking forward to seeing how this develops. :)

  • Stef Brooke-Harris (Wednesday, January 18 12 12:13 am GMT)

    Fantastic website ! Great to see this up :) very much looking forward to the next shoot and all exciting things to come!

  • Andrew McGeechan (Wednesday, January 18 12 12:03 am GMT)

    Keep on keeping on :)

  • Nick Allen (Tuesday, January 17 12 11:19 pm GMT)

    Sorry! It's been the first visit for me.... LOVE IT!!!!

  • sarah (Tuesday, January 17 12 10:36 pm GMT)

    Hi Bladder Run chums!! what a great website! I look forward to seeing you all on the next shoot :)

  • Gary Moore (Tuesday, January 17 12 08:58 pm GMT)

    Bladder Run has helped me achieve one of the things I have always wanted to the process I have made some great friends and had a really fun time..cant wait for the finished article

  • Kipple (Tuesday, January 17 12 04:32 pm GMT)

    I'm looking forward to seeing this movie! Cheers!

  • Begona (Tuesday, January 17 12 04:14 pm GMT)

    Hi hi! Great website! I can't wait to watch the whole thing once it's completed!! :)

  • Patrick Woodcock (Tuesday, January 17 12 09:21 am GMT)

    Great site! The project looks very exciting!

  • Tom Bradshaw (Monday, January 16 12 11:11 pm GMT)

    Sorry, I'm on the wrong website. I thought this was all about incontinence................................................. I need a new bag.............................................
    My bag's full. ..............................................
    Brimming over..............I'll go.

  • Kathryn Downs (Monday, January 16 12 09:43 pm GMT)

    Loving the site! I'm so happy to have been involved with Bladder Run - I've got to know a lovely group of people. Looking forwards to seeing the finished film :) x

  • Kit San (Monday, January 16 12 09:36 pm GMT)

    Hey Mark and Bladder family, loving the site! Great to be part of it. Can't wait for next shooting! Best to all crew, lovely friends! : )

  • Debbie Graves (Monday, January 16 12 09:32 pm GMT)

    Am I the first??
    Fab website. Really enjoying being a part of it!
    Can't wait to see the end result!