Scale Models and SPFX

One of the iconic vehicles in the Blade Runner universe is without a doubt, the Spinner flying car belonging to Gaff.


Bladder Run features its own spinner - owned by Guff no less! - and this vehicle uses two sizes of scale model both of which have been offered as part of limited editions of the original movie's home video release. The first is a tiny three inch model which came with the 2007 American 5 disc "briefcase" release of Blade Runner on NTSC DVD. This model (and case) are shown below. The small vehicle will be used to give scale to scenes.

The second spinner is from the VERY limited Japanese Blu ray release of Blade Runner, and is around 10 inches in length. This model - shown below - is part of Mark's personal collection and appears via green screen in several scenes including those where it will be seen landing or flying over live action scenes. This stunning collectable sold out within a week of release and has levels of detail that add another layer of production vale to the movie